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  • Felicity Mack, MD is originally from Buffalo, New York and currently lives in Houston, Texas. Dr. Mack is the physician owner of Balance Family Medicine, LLLP. She is a graduate of UT Houston Medical School and Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program in Sugar Land, Texas. 
  • Dr. Mack believes in the power of education and is passionate about providing educational opportunities to others. She gives educational presentations that cover a wide variety of topics. 
  • She leads a team of healthcare providers that travel to schools for sports participation evaluation events at local middle and high schools. She has been doing events since 2010 and enjoys providing a different aspect of care for the Houston community. 
  • She is passionate about advocating for her patients and fellow physicians and is an active member of several professional physician organizations. She is dedicated to changing the healthcare landscape for the betterment of her patients and the care that they can receive and access. 
  • Dr. Mack loves to participate in the education of the community, colleagues and patients on important primary care and advocacy issues. 

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